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The Hospitality Fair Pay Agreement is go! Approval to start bargaining was given on the 28th May, many thousands of hospo employers notified in June and on 31 August the Employer and Employee Bargaining sides were officially formed. Unite is working with Etū and Raise the Bar unions on behalf of employees.

We are holding over 60 meetings around the country and online over the next month. For dates, times and venues for your local meetings, please check here. To RSVP for your local events, please access our Facebook event invites here.

Employers are supposed to provide employee contact details so we can start talking to their employees. But you don’t have to wait for your employer to get around to it (because many may not actually do it in time). You can sign up to get involved right now, including attending paid meetings to have your say.

It’s free and you don’t have to be a union member.

Your employer will not be given any information from this form.

Contact : hospofpa@hospofpa.nz, Freephone 08002UNITE

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